Why there are so many mixed races couples on TV.

Why there are so many mixed races couples on TV.

The War Against Black Male/Black Female Relationships – Part 1

Posted: February 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

Anyone who watches television or movies or reads magazines should know exactly what this post is about

When did black male and black female couples become obsolete?


(State Farm commercial of a black male proposing to a white female)

I have NEVER ONCE seen a commercial for a jewelry company of a black male proposing to a black female


I have watched with increasing dismay the landslide of advertising over the last two years that depicts either one of the following:

  1. A dark or brown-skinned black male with a white female (with or without children)
  2. A dark or brown-skinned black male with a racially ambiguous or bi-racial female with light skin and curly hair (with or without children)
  3. A bi-racial male and female couple
  4. A dark or brown-skinned black male alone with children who are obviously bi-racial with light skin and curly hair.
  5. Black males who are isolated from other black people and are “best buddies” with white males and females
  6. A black female (often a bi-racial female) with a white male


(A white male with a bi-racial female)

Now, some might say, “Hey, this is racial progress! It’s about ‘diversity.’”

BUT if that was true why wouldn’t there be as many black male/black female couples as there are mixed and white couples?

Why is it so rare to see a brown or dark-skinned black male with a brown or dark-skinned black female paired in a commercial AS A COUPLE with children who look black?

And why are the vast majority of the “black females” in TV commercials bi-racial?

In fact, it is rare to see a brown or dark-skinned black female on TV at all — unless she is overweight and portrayed as someone who is sexually undesirable.


(A dark-skinned black male proposing to a bi-racial, light-skinned curly-haired female)

Over 95% of “black children” in TV commercials are bi-racial when the VAST MAJORITY of black children are brown-skinned.


(The bi-racial “granddaughter of a white couple)


(A USAA Insurance commercial)

Yet, there is NO SHORTAGE of white couples in love and white parents with their children.





Yet, in spite of all the “integrated” commercials promoting interracial love, overt racism, black unemployment, murder by police of unarmed black males AND females is on the rise.

Are we really that foolish as a people to measure our “progress” (or lack of it) by the number of interracial couples and bi-racial children we see in TV commercials and TV programs? I would like to believe NOT.

An even more important question:

What are the odds that all these different and diverse companies and advertisers from insurance to jewelry retailers to mattresses manufacturers and food companies ALL promote the same IMAGES of the bi-racial person as the “new and improved  black” while deliberately excluding the image of black males and black females loving each other and reproducing with each other?

That alone should tell us that there is a very insidious and dangerous agenda at work.


I came to the conclusion years ago that there is no independent media, entertainment industry OR corporate entity in the U.S.

They are all controlled by the hidden hands and their combined willingness to promote images that run counter to the collective interests of black males and females by making it seem UNNATURAL to be together along with the promotion of black homosexuality MUST BE part of a collective secret agenda which serves ONLY ONE PURPOSE:

To reduce our ability COLLECTIVELY to love, respect, desire and REPRODUCE BLACK CHILDREN WITH EACH OTHER.

It also attacks our collective self-esteem by reinforcing our black genetic “inferiority,” a curse that can only be removed by breeding with (superior) white and non-black people to produce smarter and more attractive “black people.”

It also increases the hostility of black females toward black males collectively for their highly visible “betrayal” — even though this betrayal is largely manufactured by the advertising and media industry.

And it increases the level of despair and dysfunction with the black female population many of who will never marry BUT who will at the same time raise the NEXT BLACK GENERATION.

If the mother of a nation is not protected and respected so she can pass that self-esteem along to her children, that nation is doomed for EXTINCTION. (which, perhaps, is the end goal?)

It is easy to see the massive self-esteem damage in the way some of our sisters reject their beautiful, God-given hair and bodies in order to imitate that which they see as more beautiful on the TV and movie screen. And how many have given up the fight to have a respectful relationship with a man because they do not believe (deep down) that they deserve one.

This self-contempt and deep-seated anger often evolves into contempt — even hatred — for her mirror images:


Who then become her competition for a shrinking supply of black males able and willing to commit to an “inferior” black female.

One thing that is often overlooked:

the disgust and resentment of the white collective in response to these images, both white males AND white females. Make no mistake. Contrary to all the media propaganda, the majority of white people do NOT approve of interracial relationships between blacks and whites and MAY take out this resentment in the form of more police abuse, more unjust jury trial outcomes, more black unemployment, and more discrimination against blacks, in particular, the black male.


Another FACT:

The white birth rate worldwide is in a serious decline to such an extent that there is a worldwide panic that whites will soon be extinct.



But, unlike black people collectively, when whites collectively see something that threatens their survival


Regardless of how cruel or unethical their methods might be.


As I have explained in detail in all my books, by programming the highly melanated black male to breed with white females instead of other equally melanated black females, he will create bi-racial children who for the most part will:

  1. will look nothing like him or his family members
  2. will not be part of the black struggle against white supremacy
  3. who will in all likelihood be greatly white identified
  4. will divorce themselves from their “black side”causing a fracture in the continuation of the black family (whereas whites work hard to maintain a family legacy that continues for GENERATIONS)
  5. and will in all likelihood marry and breed with a white person until the third generation will look and function as white people, effectively wiping out any connection to their “black side” WHILE INCREASING THE WHITE POPULATION WITH MORE GENETICALLY MELANATED (FERTILE) ‘WHITE PEOPLE.’
  6. And one of the most important points of all is WHY THE DARKEST-SKINNED BLACK MALE IS USUALLY THE ONE WHO IS PORTRAYED WITH A WHITE FEMALE:  BECAUSE OF HIS MELANIN. By impregnating the white female, the dark-skinned, highly melanated black male is actually INCREASING the fertility of future white generations because there is a great likelihood that his bi-racial children will MARRY AND BREED WITH A WHITE PERSON.

In essence, the black male who breeds with a white female (and the black female who breeds with a white male) will BUILD NOTHING THAT CONTRIBUTES TO FUTURE BLACK GENERATIONS.

Not a power base.

Not an economic base.

NOTHING that will help to eliminate the system of white supremacy.

And are promoting their own genetic self-genocide.

This has been MY experience based on many years of observation. Others might disagree.

Now, the only question that must be asked is what is the END GOAL of their agenda toward the most melanated people on this planet?

And what should be our intelligent, self-respecting response?

Do we CONTINUE to financially support the advertisers who so disrespectfully promote our own demise?

Do we CONTINUE to let the television babysit (program) our brown and dark-skinned children and watch programs and commercials that make them obsolete?

Or do we start challenging these images by TALKING ABOUT THEM with other black people and come up with an action plan that hits them in their POCKETS and lets them know that we are not the brain-dead, remote-controlled black robots they take us for?  read more….


  1. Great Article…..to the point and very explicit and detailed in setting out the rationale for promoting white genetic survival over black self genocide. Wille Lynch is working full force 300 years plus. If this continues, blacks will be come “self fueling” in promoting our own demise. TV is overwhelmingly powerful in it’s role of brain washing black people. What will it take to get us out of this endless trek through the Wilderness of assimilation into a white world whose system of supremacy is designed to exploit and destroy the essence of the black african and melaninated people around the world and down the street?

    • I experienced racism from blacks when I , a white male, married a black women.

      • Nasty oil driller.

    • Blacks and whites are not ment to be together quit forcing it down our conservative throats. Trump rules get used to it hes not going away ever.

        • WHEN THE PERCENTAGE OF BLACK PEOPLE IS 13% of population why do these ad people have every commercial with a male or women black in them

      • Thumbs up!

      • I am so sick of this”norm” black and white couples in every commerc.it is not the norm why shove this down our throats ?

      • To see a black man kissing a white woman is worst than seeing two gay guys going at it… Any white woman that has dated or slept with a black man, you can bet your days of dating white men are over. Trust me that’s a big no, no. When white guys find out the woman they have been dating has been with a Greasy black guy, watch what happens

  2. They can push it all they want, I still teach my children not to race mix, not because black people are bad, less, evil, or anything like that.. but due to the MANY health related issues and stigma that is still out there

    • Health-related issues? I sincerely hope your kids are taken in by someone with two brain cells to rub together who truly loves them, and not a bigot on whom any decent human being would be tempted to call social services – if I was aware of where you lived, I’d do it. FYI, you don’t contract blackness. It’s not a disease, moron
      Americans are just so racist, it boggles the mind
      Do you have no sense or feeling?

      • Not everybody has to agree with your race mixing ideology. That’s the problem with your leftist view is if they don’t agree with you there automatically racist. Dumbass

      • Ah, another PC snowflake.

      • Black people will be wiped out before they realize what these white folks are doing with this mix breeding agenda. If they was sincere about race mixing you would see more than just blacks with whites. Whites need black genetics to continue to exist.God is trying to cure the world of it’s cancer and the cancer is trying to repopulate through the original people of the earth,,,,black people. Ever since whites left the cave the cancer has been devastating to world and it’s original people. Whites are albino mutated people who mutated with cave Neanderthals. Now since they have learned human type adaptation they have did nothing but cause havoc on the dark skinned original people of GODS EARTH. The Sun is working hard to rid them in many ways right now like reproduction issues and cancer and ext. They suppose to exist in darkness and not in the Sun. God would not create a human that was not conducive to the SUN. They are not in GOD”S image.

        • Your post has got to be the most ignorant, egotistical. racial, and just blatantly screams your total lack of education on the subject of “God’s image” and creation!

          Honestly, you need to do something about your extremely narrow minded view of God’s creation of human beings. It is also obvious that you know nothing about genetics. I am so aghast at your ideas that I will no longer waste any more of my time responding to your post,

          • Just to be clear, my first post was a response to “God’s Color”s post, ( which is a strange name to address a post in the first place. )

      • please do america a favor and jump off a bridge. you are the reason this country is so divided. unfortunately your nose is so high in the air you’ll never see it

    • I agree, races should not mix, it’s disgusting.. every time I see a white woman with a black man it makes my stomach turn

  3. I think your are absolutely correct.

  4. I am a white man that is married to a beautiful Black woman, and we are both aggravated and disgusted by the disproportionate number of commercials on the air depicting interracial relationships and the other types of commercials that were brought up in this article. Recently, it seems that every new commercial features a Black or biracial woman with a white man (and not even a white man that looks like they would even know Black people). It’s obviously a brainwashing tactic, it is far from reality. I would like to point out that the argument that interracial relationships does nothing to build a Black power base can go either way…if the children are raised to embrace their Blackness and Black beauty instead of assimilating into white culture and reproducing with whites, then it does serve to reduce the white population and the lie of white supremacy. This is part of the reason that the white population is dwindling and those that buy into white supremacy are panicking. In a natural setting without the lie of white supremacy and racism, white people will eventually phase out based on natural selection and genetics. That’s where the whole system of racism and tricknology originated from in the first place. There is actually no such thing as race, it’s a social construct. Light skin and eyes are just a genetic trait, a recessive gene at that.

    • What you say may be true, but I am sick of this conspiracy theory which targets white males like myself who has never received any white privilege and do not believe in any sort of supremacy black or white. But as i said you may have a point also. If so, this should be corrected but I believe this has other much deeper intent. It is brain-washing but for other reasons not obvious to many. See my comment below.

      • Who can we contact to tell them this is wrong.

      • white privilege is a myth. Asians on average make more money than whites in America, by their reasoning is there an Asian privilege? or is it their culture? (2 parents and a strong emphasis on education and family values)

    • You literally dont know what you are talking about. I have biracial family members and in most of society they are not accepted by either race and race is not a social construct. If it was we would all have the same medical issues. However some races do suffer from ailments that do not play other races. Therefore it is not just a social construct. Dumbass

      • why would anyone accept a half breed? the worst of both worlds

  5. This is being over-done. It’s brain washing at its finest. This looks like Germany before World War 11. I can’t believe the left in this country. Thinking people are not going for this. It has no end. It’s ridiculous !!

  6. The reason for all these commercials IMHO is that they are making a concerted effort to use these as a way to break down barriers and make them routine so that when they bombard us with gay couples, we will be more apt to accept that behavior. They feel the acceptance would be much easier. They are very tricky and conniving in their efforts which I detest.

  7. I’m a black man with a black wife and black children. I have no problem with white people, asians, hispanics or any other race but will never approve of or allow my children to race mix. Pushing interracial black/white couples is nothing but promoting genocide of the black race. The amount of it I see on TV bothers me and there’s definitely an agenda behind it.

    • If only everyone thought like that.. I truly believe we should stick to our own kind.. not out of hate but out of love.I would be heartbroken if my beautiful daughters married a —– man.

    • That’s great! You’re a true a proud black man. It’s not rasist to love you’re race,. The only group who consistently calls it racist are the Jews. The Jews want to dominate all races but Orthodox Judaism. They have held blacks and all other races back with there discrimination . Like Jews sponsored no interest Jewish only loans threw synagogues. Look at places like New York City all the Jews arrested for illegal loans, money laundering and other crimes.
      The Jews own big media to sports teams, they want to create wealth by change public opinions.
      The Jews job is to get into the middle, make money and acquire more power. Jews love promoting hate between blacks & whites. Jews also pretending to be goys by changing there names to sound more Christian or less Jewish. The Jews owned more slave ships and profit from the slave trade. Where are the Black reparations from these Jewish companies.
      From the koser tax we all pay for, to the money making Holocaust industry. all where Jewish inventions to gain money and power.

      • Hmmmm? Not sure we’re all on the same page here?? Just to be clear, I am a proud white man finding it increasingly more difficult to enjoy the fruits of my heritage.. I weep for the future struggles of my children/grandchildren

    • Funny I am white, and I believe there is an agenda, but it’s opposite of yours. I believe there is a push to take power away from the white male, that’s why they are displayed in TV commercial as buffoons, installing carpets in the successful blacks homes, while the black male is the DR, lawyer, banker,Scientist, police captain, and bank representatives which is a complete fraud a brainwashing of the newer generation. Remember, white people made this country the envy of the world from the beginning. There isn’t one country in the whole world where blacks make up the majority, and you find a low crime rate, highly educated people, with good paying jobs, just a lovely desirable place to raise a family. Please name that country if you can. PS it doesn’t exists.

      • well thats because Whites have robbed Africa OF its dignity and resources.Europe and Whites would have nothing without stealing from Africa or stealing free labor and America was also built by black Americans. So you come here to talk about people who once lived morally with great cities in Timbuktu but now suffer from all bullshit your evil ass people did

        • oh please, africa has been, still is, and always will be a complete garbage hole because of their inhabitants. you can shift blame all you want and blame whites or the russians or whoever but that does not change reality. it’s the very same reason why blacks are not successful in america (and no it’s not because of “racism”) you can take the N out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the N

          • Why Just why

      • spot on and completely true. the people who don’t see that have already drank the koolaid

    • Terry Brown you are a very sensible man, I agree with you totally from the “white” side of the asile. Wish more black people shared your ideals. The media is trying to inter mix the color out of you. We’ll and along with many willing white women.

    • i agree, my kids will never date an arab or a nigrah. theyre garbage. no offence, you seem like a good man.

  8. I’m absolutely SICK of seeing these inter racial ads/commercials. The US media is pushing a NEW NORMAL of acceptance in our society not only with the inter racial depictions but also with GAY relationship depictions. While we don’t like this, unfortunately, our young people will see these depictions (wether in print or TV) and expect it as the NEW NORM in our society with no negative ramifications…..a form of brainwashing!! The US liberal bent fast at work to remake our society ……disgusting!

  9. I don’t watch much telly but seeing a few episodes of “Black Mirror” has warped me up to speed. Our politicians and whoever pulls their strings are trying to brainwash us into accepting our terrible future – a future with no diversity whatsoever. They’ve gone to the trouble of shaking up the world’s population like a snow-globe and they’re annoyed that we aren’t mixing.

    It’s natural that the vast majority of us prefer to coexist with our own kind. I want all cultures to be preserved for as long as possible – but in their own countries, not mine.

    • asian countries are for asians, black countries are for blacks, white countries are for everyone (since we build the best , most prosperous coutnries) and if you disagree you’re a racist, bigoted, islamophobe (insert other made up liberal words)

  10. Race mixing is the absolute most racist way to de black America and eliminate the black culture.
    Blanqueamiento, it is the racial whitening of a dark population of people by mating with them to dissolve their race.
    The Jews know race mixing blacks with whites is the fastest way to eliminate the black race. The blacks race is such a small percentage of America the Jews know they will be devoured by whiteness in no time. Race mixing also leads to problems with health of those who are biracial and problems ,like fnding suitable donors for medical organ transplants
    It’s bad enough we have white savors who think they can better the black race . White savorrs who adopt black children knowing these black kids will loose their black culture. We never see race mixing promoted with orthodox Jews on tv. Jews don’t want this with there culture even though most Jews in America have 10%-12% African blood. They to have higher than normal heath problems.
    This is the fastest way for the Jews to eliminate other cultures, pure racers and Christian goys.
    Jews use TV and media which they own to promote race mixing, they know it’s easier to influence the young and uneducated who watched these shows and try to convince them race mixing & being biracial is the “in thing”.
    It wasn’t the “in thing” during slavery which Jews mass profited from owning most of the slave ship and slave auctions.
    Of course those who don’t agree with the above are immediately labeled racist or Anti-Semitic. That’s what the Jews do to stop questioning by anyone who disagrees with there views.. This truly isn’t the case it’s not racist but is backed by science facts and studies over many generations. Most studies are not talked about and remain hidden from the mainstream people. We see the whiting of blacks more and more. Be proud and keep you’re black culture, adopt you’re black kids and keep our black race for future generations.

    • jews usually mate with other jews which is why they all have jew noses and curly hair

  11. Who is promoting this cause and why? Who will profit ?
    I am “mad as hell” when I see one of these commercials and often wonder
    what black people (especially black women) think of them. HOW DO WE STOP THEM?

  12. I’m going to deal in FACT meaning what I can actually see at this point in time!

    FACT 1: Do I see a huge increase in interracial couple of all sort on tv?
    ANSWER: You bet I do bigtime in the past 2 years!

    FACT 2: Do liberal & left leaning people run the media & generally run modern culture in all its forms
    ANSWER: Absolutely, only a dishonest or agenda driven concern would say differently.

    FACT 3: Is the white race in ALL parts of the world declining?
    ANSWER: Absolutely! Western European’s, Australia, S. Africa, Eastern Europe AND the United States are in lock step on this! Take the Middle East for example. Woman BEGIN to procreate at 16-21 yes of age. They have (on average) 4 children. A man may have 4 kids wives. That’s 16 children!!! For White woman (if they can be bothered at all) are STARTING to procreate at 35-40 yes old!!! It takes a generation to average 2.2 kids just to stay EVEN! One for each parent & the .2 for childhood deaths & diseases. Whites have been averaging 1.6 kids for 20 years. That’s a TWENTY-FIVE % loss PER generation. Do the math. Its complete extinction in 4 generations or 80 years!!!!!

    *THESE are the facts I see & can be proven*!
    Perhaps non-whites can now understand why we feel the way we do!!!!!

    • Nope. Don’t feel your pain. White men and to a lesser extent white women were raping their slaves for centuries. If racial purity were so important, your ancestors wouldn’t have built so many boats to visit foreign countries and spread their DNA everywhere.

      • lol alec, take your bs back to CNN. i do agree that we should have picked our own cotton though considering blacks were/are definitely not worth the trouble

  13. Wow, I put this question to Google and was not thinking the thoughts that are described in the above texts. I was thinking that the company’s that were selling something wanted us to believe that both races loved their product and in so doing, we of all races would see this new product and tell ourselves that it was the new hip cool thing to have and go out and buy it. You guys have turned it into something very deep thinking about your own selves. I can’t believe that people went there first instead of thinking business, they want us to buy their stores product. I can imagine that black folks are always looking for the trickery of white folks, but it’s just people selling shit to us that we don’t need. On the other hand, I don’t believe that couples who are mixing races have an agenda. Hmm, I’ll date this black man so that eventually we’ll build up our numbers again. That it absurd. However these folks met, they fell in LOVE with each other. That’s it folks, they fell in love, nobody planned some deep dark secret. It just attraction. We all live and work and play in our groups. Somebody says, hmm, he’s handsome and across the room he sees her. Birds and bees people.The people that make commercials are trying to sell a product to us all. Ease up on yourselves people, sales commercials are the devious one just trying to get the money out of your wallet.See it for what it is and don’t read into it. It sounds like your worries and wondering are no driving you crazy. Just get out there and be friends with anyone you choose. Be happy people. And yes black folks need to take off those ridiculous wigs and be proud of their culture.

    • Finally! Some common sense! However, I had to read too much BS before getting here! Thank Karen

    • you missed the point entirely. it’s not that people are opposed to interracial couples (people can do whatever makes them happy) it’s that they are annoyed seeing 75%~ of commercials have interracial couples (or somehow a dark kid with white parents) when the majority of couples are of the same race. the reasoning behind this is subjective with most people interpreting it as political correctness being shoved in our face and people are getting tired of that bs

  14. I hope that Blacks don’t think that Whites are happy with these interracial commercials. If both sides hate these ads, why do they continue?

    • because they are being “progressive” aka regressive

    • because they are being “progressive” aka regressive

  15. As long as 95% of the interracial commercials are white male/black female pairings you wont see much outrage from the white community. Hilarious that a black male/white female couple is at the top of this page, definitely not what you see the overwhelming majority of the time on US television.

  16. I see interracial marriage more as an impact on whites than blacks.
    Blacks have dominant features… as opposed to whites, whose features are all recessive (eye color, skin tone, etc). So when a black and white person have a baby, the baby always ends up looking more like the black person. I’ve never seen a child that was born of a black and white parent that could “pass” as white. Even when there are very, very pale skinned people that are only a very small percentage of black, I can always tell. Like Meghan Markle. I think she’s 1/16 black, and you can tell she isn’t just white.
    So to be honest, interracial marriage doesn’t mean genocide for blacks, it’s genocide for whites. All of our recessive traits disappear, and all the other dominant traits take over.
    It’s not just skin tone, either, it’s down to the facial features, etc. And in my experience most biracial people seem to marry blacks or other biracial individuals. Meaning more and more dominant traits coming out, and eventually all the white genes disappear.

  17. And quiet jamming Rap music down our throats on ever bump for football sports shows and car commericals enough is enough.

  18. Wow! You have completely hit this right on the head! I have been talking about this to anyone who will listen. Interracial relationships are generally fine with me (but I do agree with a lot about what you said how they adversely affect everything) but it gets tiresome to NEVER see images of healthy black couples…ever and especially not even close to enough intelligent, beautiful dark skinned black woman characters (even though black women-of all hues-are the top college graduating demo.) I’ve been wondering for sometime what we should collectively do. Can we please get an honest, sensible, factual campaign going? Directed at media producers? Now. Thank you for this article xo

  19. You people don’t get it. The left came up with a theory they think will stop racism. This is their theory, if every race, religion integrates with each other, within 20 years or so, the race issue will disappear. Why, because if everyone will have mix genetics of DNA, then how can anyone be a racist to anyone. They believe that everyone will eventually be of all race, and this way, you won’t discriminate against yourself. It’s sounds good in theory, but not realistic, and the left is infamous for not ever being realistic.

  20. I am a white male in a interracial marriage with a black female. I grew up in a mixed area and to me people are people. BUT……I find these commercials to be forced and not indicative of the true numbers of interracial couples. I have no problem with IR relationships…..hell, I am in one, but when it is over represented to sell a product or to push some kind of social agenda it really is doing more harm than good.

    I think (at least I hope) that your average consumer can see through the media’s manipulations and maybe this trend will die down. I just hate feeling that some idiot in a skyscraper somewhere in NYC thinks that they are changing the world or at least trying to change someone’s mind about an issue totally unrelated to the product that they are trying to sell.

  21. It’s called social engineering, and it’s very unsettling. How many black athletes have white wives? Quite a few. And the cultures are SO different, they generally won’ work over long periods of time. I don’t want rap, loudness or anything else I’m subjected to and not by choice. And I’m SICK of blacks who get away with illegalities because “black lives matter”. Everyone should learn the theory of recrimination.

  22. It’s just Sick, where I live you don’t see this in public.I boycott every product with these commercials, l call all biracial couples Judge Judy fodder.

  23. pain in the a$$ seeing all these stupid interracial couples. I could understand doing it occasionally since there are many, but ford for example hasn’t had a normal couple in their commercials for years. SJW PC rammed in our faces everywhere we look


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