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Gatekeepers offer Beto for the White House when Stacey is a better choice

Jon Ward/Yahoo   One was a three-term congressman known for once playing in a punk band, riding a skateboard and giving an answer about structural racism that went viral. The other was the leader of her party in a Deep South state with a long history of racial discrimination who had spent years mobilizing people of color to register to vote and whose opponent was overseeing the election while erecting numerous obstacles to voting that disproportionately affected her supporters. If one of these résumés seems more impressive than the other, you’d be forgiven for wondering why Texas’s Beto O’Rourke, the politician with the decidedly thinner personal story, became a national sensation while Georgia’s Stacey Abrams did not. O’Rourke was the biggest political story of the 2018 election. His campaign to unseat Republican Sen. Ted Cruz brought in a stunning $70 million, despite his refusal to take corporate money. Beyoncé and LeBron James promoted him and, despite losing, he is now the buzziest name in the speculation about which Democrats will run for president in 2020. Abrams didn’t go unnoticed in her quest to win the governorship of the Peach State. But while Oprah Winfrey and other big names campaigned for her and Abrams got plenty of national media attention, she never became the kind of cause célèbre that O’Rourke did, raising a respectable $26 million. She is occasionally mentioned in the 2020 conversation but is generally expected to run for statewide office again in her home state…. to read more,click... read more

Open season on Black coaches

by T Theodore Moore The NFL regular season is officially over, and the laundry lists of African-American coaching casualties are pretty extensive…..given the percentage of minority coaches in the league, the number receiving their walking papers are many. The only silver lining for them is that most teams are contractually obligated to pay the remaining monetarily amount of the original contract.  Now that’s an employee perk I think we can all live with.  The coaches that didn’t survive Black Monday (pun not intended) were: Marvin Lewis – Cincinnati Bengals (2003 – 2018) Vance Joseph – Denver Broncos (2017 – 2018) Steven Wilks – Arizona Cardinals (2018 – 2018 Todd Bowles – New York Jets (2015 – 2018) Hue Jackson – Cleveland Browns (2016 – 2018)                                                                                     Other coaches in the league whose white privilege couldn’t even save their pathetic tenure included Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dirk Keotter, and Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthey.  Surprising enough, JayGruden didn’t get the ax after 3 unproductive years in DC, but his last name and proper skin tone will award him an ample amount of time to prove his capability. Now a racist could make the argument case that black just can’t cut it as head coach and should get fired, but when you don’t award them time to prove their coaching talent; it perpetuates the wrong stigma….to read more of this article, click here ... read more

Neanderthal Inbreeding Made Some Humans Weaker Today

Harmful mutations in Neanderthals’ genome left some humans today with a genetic burden. Sarah Emerson Jun 6 2016, 5:07p Neanderthal, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Image: Flickr/Adam Foster Nearly 100,000 years ago, a resolute group of Homo sapiens left Africa for the unknown. The impetus and timing of their exodus into the Arabian Peninsula remains controversial, but there’s one thing paleoanthropologists know for sure: We weren’t the only human species to have colonized Eurasia. Genetic clues indicate that early humans and Neanderthals began to coexist and interbreed almost immediately after the great migration of Homo sapiens out of Africa. Their commingling lives on today in Asians and Europeans who carry the evidence of human and Neanderthal breeding in one to four percent of their genome. How, exactly, the genetic material of Neanderthals manifests in modern populations is the subject of scrupulous debate A new study published in the journal GENETICS proposes that harmful mutations in Neanderthals’ genome not only made the hominin 40 percent less evolutionarily fit than modern humans, but also endowed some of us with that same genetic burden. “Neanderthals are fascinating to geneticists because they provide an opportunity to study what happens when two groups of humans evolve independently for a long time—and then come back together,” said lead author Kelley Harris in a statement. “Our results suggest that inheriting Neanderthal DNA came at a cost.”  to read more of this article, click... read more

Facebook is not the problem, the problem is Black folks myopia

by Tim Moore,UIN Facebook is not the problem. The problem is Black folks over dependence on this platform to communicate. We use it to seek approval, validate our lives, destroy other Black people (if, however you say too much about White folks, even a killer cop, they will not post it), waste time we will never get back and donate hundreds of millions of dollars in intellectual property for free. A friend told me that they can stay in touch with friends. I say people send Facebook notes to friends that may never see it, in lieu of a phone call or dropping a card in the mail. People say they use it for cheap advertising. Facebook collects $5 to $20 from millions of people for ads with questionable results. While Facebook does not pay for the massive contributions of the intellectual property of Black folks, Zuckerberg and friends are making billions. Maybe it is a vicarious relation that the Black community has with Mark. You know, like, “yes, my pastor should drive a Bentley”. Facebook does all of this and they have consistently shown that they don’t care much for Black folks. They hire very few Blacks. They allowed the Russians to target us to make America hate us more which shows they have contempt for you. Yet, you go back for more. (I have changed the narrative to second person, so those who engage in this will know who I am speaking to) We are in an age where you really don’t need these giant “digital plantations” to get stuff done. You don’t have to get and... read more

Racist Facebook and Instagram that Black folks love, happily took ads by Russians to make Black/White divide bigger

By Theodore R. Johnson, Slate Just as Presidents Day weekend kicked off, special counsel Robert Mueller indicted the Russian organization Internet Research Agency and 13 Russian nationals for interfering in the 2016 presidential election. The fact that Russia meddled in one of our most treasured democratic processes isn’t a revelation—it’s been well-known and confirmed that Russia waged information warfare on the American public to influence our voting behavior. But the new indictment gave new detail about how Russia brought online an old tactic it has long depended upon: good ol’ fashioned racism. Russia used the U.S. history of racial oppression and its persistent challenges with systemic racism to manipulate (or at least attempt to manipulate) Americans’ electoral choices. And this wasn’t a simple add-on tactic to a larger influence operation. Rather, it’s in keeping with several decades of Russian efforts to use the United States’ treatment of its black citizens as a counterpoint to the American narrative of freedom and equality. The major difference today is that social media marketing allows Russia to do with efficiency and scale what it could never do with Cold War–era print and radio propaganda. In other words, fanning the flames of America’s racial tensions is as Russian as vodka and blini. to read more of this article, tap this... read more

Nancy Wilson, legendary jazz singer dies at 81

from “newsrap Nancy Wilson, a genre-spanning, Grammy-winning singer whose career spanned more than 50 years, died Thursday at age 81. Her longtime manager made the news public. Born in 1937, Wilson grew up in Ohio and began her music career shortly after high school in 1956, working for Rusty Bryant’s Carolyn Club Big Band. Moving to New York City in 1959 on the advice of Julian “Cannonball” Adderley, she began playing clubs while supporting herself as a secretary, and was signed to Capitol Records the next year. (to hear one of her classic songs, tap here:https://detiptv.com/#/?playlistId=0&videoId=0) Though she started out in Jazz, she performed in multiple genres including R&B, Broadway, and pop throughout her long career and resisted categorization, preferring instead to call herself a “song stylist.” She became famous in 1962 through a collaboration with Adderley, an album called “Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderley” that produced the hit single “Save Your Love For Me”. In 1964 and 1965, Wilson had four albums make Billboard’s top ten, a run that notably included her most successful hit, “(You Don’t Know) How Glad I Am,” which peaked at #11 and won Wilson her first Grammy award for best rhythm and blues recording. Wilson made numerous television appearances throughout her career, and hosted her own series, The Nancy Wilson Show in 1967 and 1968. Other television appearances include “I Spy,” “Hawaii Five-O,” “The Sammy Davis Jr. Show,” “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour,” “The Cosby Show,” “The Carol Burnett Show,” and more recently, “Moesha,” and “The Parkers.” She also appeared in Robert Townsend’s 1993 film “The Meteor Man” as well as the film... read more

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