Solving revenue issues for Black Press and BIPOC content creators with a new partnership that offers free advertising, publicity, and sales portal.

Image courtesy Urban Information Network

Image courtesy Image Geyser

(IGeyser UIN Wire Service) Today, Urban Information Network (UIN) and Image Geyser finalized a merger that immediately addresses issues of equity and inclusion, advertising revenues, and content management via infrastructure support, for Black and multicultural YouTubers. Fully financed and operational, this merger also creates a funding source for BIPOC media via commercial advertising and eCommerce through a network of Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) stations.

Affectionately known as Black Youtube, UIN is the second oldest service provider of IPTV technology, and the only company to offer localized YouTube by demographic, by market. Now, a recent upgrade to its technology coupled with Image Geyser’s partnership with eBay creates a digital hybrid that is something akin to Radio-One meets Turner Networks. UIN is the first digital broadcast network to repurpose high quality content from YouTube and organize it by demographic, localized, with national and local advertising, video commercials, in-market activations, on a web-based news platform with clickable links and ads. “We can pull a YouTuber’s content into our network, and insert our own ads,” says Kianga J. Moore, CEO of IPTV. “The cool part is creators still get the views.”  

Image Geyser is the brainchild of Darren D. Dickerson, founder and CEO of DSD Publicity, a boutique entertainment PR and Marketing agency. A product solution, Image Geyser monetizes Celebrity, People of Influence, and “The Culture” using a Blockchain based solution that organizes individual creatives into a collective (individual collectivism) that drives revenue.

“This all started for me with celebrity photographer Bill Jones,” says Dickerson. “Pat Tobin, my mentor, sent me to pick up photos from Bill and that’s when my 15 year journey began.”  

Online giant eBay, iconic actress Vanessa Bell Calloway (Purlie Victorious), Hip Hop legend Benny Boom, and The Black Press of America, were part of an eight year beta test to apply Blockchain to minority produced content to create a new monetization model. Developed by Dickerson, the test focused on solving the monetization of Celebrity, Influence, and Culture.  

UIN, founded by Tim Moore who currently serves as chairman, has been on a two decade journey of understanding. In 2006, Tim invested in IPTV and has been trying ever since, to convince anyone who would listen, that internet localization “is inevitable” and UIN is an early adopter of the technology and second only to YouTube as the most consistent provider of IPTV.  

“Our advertisers are small businesses, municipalities, and local events, but now with Darren and Image Geyser on board, we are upgrading our content and advertising model” boasts Tim Moore. “It’s an exciting time after so many years in development, and under the radar.”

Image Geyser solves revenue concerns for celebrities, people of influence, and “The Culture,” through manufacturing, advertising, publicity, marketing, and promotions, and sales tools organized by a proprietary application of Blockchain–individual collectivism–that brings together various creatives, aligned around a singles objective, financial success!  

“Since 2018, I’ve been in partnership with eBay to develop a 21st Century way to monetize celebrity and culture,” says Darren D. Dickerson, CEO and founder of DSD. “Image Geyser allows me to provide our Suite Of Services for a commission or shared revenue agreement.”  

With a full creative design team, and manufacturing in the US, China, India, Guatemala, and Peru, powered by Dickerson’s application of Blockchain principles, Image Geyser acquires content and produces products at no cost to creators, and monetizes via eCommerce and traditional retail.  

“If our clients aren’t making money, neither is Image Geyser,” says Dickerson. “It is a great motivator for our team to do excellent work.”  

Online giant eBay, iconic actress Vanessa Bell Calloway (Purlie Victorious), Hip Hop legend Benny Boom, and The Black Press of America, were part of an eight year beta test to see if his small team could execute the business model. Administered by Dickerson, the “blind” beta test focused on solving the monetization of BIPOC Celebrity, Influence, and Culture.  

Unbeknownst to the 10 participants tapped to start the beta test, Dickerson’s goal was to prove his theory of individual collectivism without the subjects knowing it was a test. Six completed.  

Fashion designer Rico Cheatham and producer Sekou Porter (six years), marketing executive Shirlene Head (three months), radio personalities Chey Parker and Dominique Halloway, successfully secured eBay, Black Girls Rock! and UIN, during the eight year beta test.  

“Personal motivation ensures commitment through completion of a project,” adds Dickerson. UIN and Image Geyser are coining phrases like, “Super Marco Influencer,” which is the aggregation of micro-influencers with a consistent volume of traffic, high consumer loyalty, in-market presence or brand recognition, celebrity, influence in various sectors, and cultural significance for the purposes of creating target advertising and events, to drive engagement.  

“Advertisers are getting it wrong, I see the Black Press as micro-influencers with 500K followers or more, destination viewers, people choosing Black media,” explains Moore.

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