by UIN Staff

Just when Detroit residents were enjoying some breathing room  form paying the highest car insurance rates in the nation House bill 530 and 531 if passed will change that.

Detroit IPTV was in Lansing to cover a group of Detroiters who went there to voice their opposition to the bills only to find out that the hearing was rescheduled.

Wayne Bernard, a Detroit resident, said if the rates go up, he may not be able to afford the important amenities such as towing and car rental that can make a bad situation better.

Tawana Simpson said “with the high cost of living and the above average property taxes, many people may have to drop their auto insurance to keep up with living expenses”.

With tax write off, give-a-ways and corporate welfare to the likes of Quicken Loans, the Illich family and GM, city residents or left with a disproportionate share of the tax burden to run the city.

Now Henry Ford, along with the Pistons and Michigan State U. is dipping their hand into the cookie jar.


It would be different if Detroit was in a better position. However, these corporate giants including GM (their President makes $30 million) in their high-rise buildings cast a shadow on one of the poorest cities in the nation. With the goodies they extract from the city, they should be doing more.

The health care industry who just had the covid cash bonanza will be the primary beneficiaries of these bills. They want more money for catastrophic injuries. This means Detroit will be subsidizing the State of Michigan. The reason for that is Detroit is bigger than the next 8 or 9 big cities in the state.

Detroit has few Black people representing them. Let’s hope the ones they have will consider them and vote these bills down