UIN Staff 1-26-24

America’s 1st Black Secretary of Defense has been in the news lately. Primarily because of his health issues. However, the source of his health problems could likely be from the massive amount of pressure he is under. The Gaza war and his meeting with the African leaders are his priorities. Just feeling the pressure from this means that he does have a conscious.

The Gaza war is something I would not wish on any decision maker. He and House Speaker Jeffries appear to be Zionist. Most Black Americans do not support Israel’s genocidal destruction of the Palestinians.

With Lloyd Austin being the face of the US military and the world is protesting what you represent, he is feeling the pressure.   

    When he was appointed by Biden, many wondered why would this nation with it’s hatred of Black people choose a Black man to lead the all powerful military. It was obvious to those who follow geopolitics. What most people don’t know particularly African Americans is that Africa has again become the most important continent on earth to world powers. Not just it’s resources but economics, strategic location and more. So if their plans for Africa are military plans, not economics or health or development, then the person who interacts with the African leaders should be an African American. Austin Completes First Tour Across Africa | VOANews (youtube.com) 

Austin told the African leaders that the US would help develop their countries economics environment, security and more. This is different from what the West has been doing on the continent for 500 years. (31) Africa Is Angry! | Why Not Respect The Freedom Of Everybody If You Say You Are A Democrat? – YouTube

The Biden administration felt that putting a Black face on the message, which is to not align with Russia or China, would be more palatable.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your perspective, Africans only have to look at the promises made to Black Americans by the US government. From “40 Acres and a mule”, the GI bill to the most egregious; Reparation, the payment for the stolen labor of Foundational Blacks.

The US government wants African Americans to remain clueless as to how the status of Africa is important to their identity and existence. They don’t want Blacks to know that Black Americans played an important role in ending Apartheid in South Africa. Randell Robinson and Mary Berry started the movement with their protest at the South African Embassy in New York.

African Americans have been the moral voice and inspiration for many righteous movements around the globe. They know of our struggles and victories for civil rights. The victories that were won has benefitted all immigrants because the US constitution was written to benefit White land owning males and no one else. We forced America to honor what they wrote in the constitution.

As for the promises made to Black America, they have failed miserably. The Africans know that. It is hard to think that the Sectary of Defense Austin is not aware of America’s records at home and abroad. The pressure will only increase when Black Americans start to single him out.

He needs to tell his boss that Africa is rising and it will continue to rise without America or the West. The sleeping giant is awaking and the old colonial models will not work.