Detroit IPTV staff writer

According to a recent Detroit News article Detroit’s US House Rep. Shri Thanadar is using his congressional staff to work on his re-election campaign. Former staff member Adam Y. Abusalah claims that he was told by Thanadar that he needs to focus on his re-election and not policies for his constituents. Abusalah quit his job with Shri because of is position on the Israel’s bombing of Palestine.

(short video on history of conflict: ( The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history – YouTube)

Thanadar’s Chief of Staff said Abusalah made the inflammatory comments about Shri because Abusalah is Palestinian. He also said Shri is too concerned about his social media followers than his constituents. All of which the Congressman has denied.

Thanadar’s problems continue to mount. Questions arose several weeks ago when he formed a Sikh and Hindu Congressional Caucus. Although it makes total sense to partner with your own people, many African Americans don’t seen to understand this.

Then there is the rift between he and fellow congressman Rashida Talib. She has stated that Shri’s constituents have called her office for help with issues he should be working on.

Where do Detroiters fit into this controversy? Most probably do not have a clue as to how this is affecting their lives. With their “Anybody but us” policy, do they care?