DetIPTB Staff                                                                                      12-02-24


President Joe Biden poll numbers are bad and getting worse. His polling on inflation, Ukraine, the Israeli/Gaza war and Reparations for Black Americans are all down. Jim Clyburn will not be able to save “Uncle Joe” this time if this trend continues. Living his life long dream of being President was only possible if blacks ignored his racist past and supported his campaign.

While some older African Americans tend to support Israel, young Blacks  support Palestine. As a matter of fact many Palestinians have been inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. (20) Palestinians inspired by Black Lives Matter? – YouTube. This is not a new phenomenon. The battle for human rights by Black Americans have been a model for many oppressed people around the globe.

So it is also with the fight for Reparations. Nations are taking their que from African Americans. Ghana’s President Gives Ultimatum To Europe & U.S. To Pay Reparations To African Countries (

Despite White owned media attempt to ignore the movement, the call is growing on social media and the New Black media. The problem foe them is that they don’t have a monopoly on the minds of Black Americans anymore.

Researchers are exposing the depravity of the treatment of Black American by our government and its citizens. When you couple that with the astounding wealth created from the stolen labor of African Americans, Reparation for African Americans are undebatable. This American system was created for White landowners and merchants and no one else. Not the poor Whites or all the immigrants that have come here since. African Americans fought and died to force America to honor what they wrote in the Constitution.

What makes the White Supremacist attitude so galling is that the people they brought from Europe (there was no middle class in Europe at that time) were from the very bottom of their society. (from the prisons, streets, asylums, the poor houses and whore houses). Now their children of these former White slaves look down on Black people. White Slaves in America Untold Hidden History Like a history channel documentary (

Reparation is only a small payment on the evil inflicted on the Black people by the US government and its White citizens. The amount of wealth created by the stolen and yet unpaid labor of African Americans is staggering.

Banks create fortunes by taking money you deposit in your account and for every $10 dollars’ they can loan out $100 and earn interest on your money.

You cannot imagine the trillions of dollars that was generated for White people  by having access 10x the value of the stolen (not free) labor of Americas Black citizens for 250 years. There would be no American super power without the uniquely evil institution of American slavery.

America will continue to suffer for their diabolical deeds until the do right by its African American citizens and pay what is owed.  Or Biden will lose.