Discover the electrifying sounds of Detroit’s music scene with Delano Smith’s new project ‘Play’ featuring Silly Girl Carmen at TV Lounge.

By Kianga J. Moore DETROIT (May 25, 2024) – Against the backdrop of Detroit’s iconic skyline, the legendary DJ Delano Smith set TV Lounge ablaze on May 24th with the release of his latest project, “Play.” The night marked a kickoff to Movement Weekend, drawing a diverse and energetic crowd hungry to vibe to masterful mixes and all the feels.

Smith, a pivotal figure in techno house music, mesmerized his audience with an impressive set, blending deep house remixes with gritty techno beats. Highlights included an intoxicating remix of Jamiroquai’s “Return of the Space Cowboy” and bass-heavy tracks like DJ Hell’s remix of “Transformation,” alongside Dennis Ferrer’s “Transitions,” Deadwalkman’s “Rhythm 11,” and District070’s trance-infused “Come On In.” The pulsating energy of Smith’s performance created an unforgettable atmosphere, capturing the joy and unity of the crowd.

The event also spotlighted Silly Girl Carmen, an emerging force in the electronic dance music scene. Together, Smith and Carmen debuted their collaborative project “Play,” a three-song EP that bridges Detroit’s rich musical heritage with contemporary innovation. This project represents a merge of eras, infusing classic house music with fresh, forward-thinking sounds that resonate with both veteran fans and new listeners.

Delano Smith’s influence on Detroit’s music scene is profound. Since 1978, Smith has been a cornerstone of Detroit DJ culture, predating the official advent of house and techno. His early sets, characterized by boundary-defying sounds, that laid the groundwork for the genres that would come to define Detroit’s musical identity. Techno pioneers like Derrick May and Jeff Mills credit Smith as a foundational influence in their careers.

Smith’s project with Silly Girl Carmen is more than a passing of the torch; it’s a dynamic fusion of experience and innovation. The EP “Play” exemplifies their shared passion for creating high-energy, danceable tracks deeply rooted in Detroit’s musical legacy. Each song showcases Smith’s soulful grooves and Carmen’s playful energy, resulting with an EP that is both nostalgic and cutting-edge. As a DJ and producer, Delano Smith continues to represent Detroit on the global stage, blending timeless grooves with contemporary trends. His sets, known for their kinetic and emotional depth, remain highly sought after worldwide.

Smith’s career, spanning over four decades, has consistently celebrated the underground roots of electronic music while pushing the genre’s boundaries. For fans of house and techno, Delano Smith’s performance at TV Lounge was not just a celebration of his new project but a reminder of Detroit’s lasting impact on the world of Electronic and Techno music. It is clear that Smith’s legacy continues to inspire and captivate, putting the next generation of dance lovers in an endless trance.

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