Exclusive: Marianne Williamson Urges Strategic Voting Amidst Biden’s Michigan Visit

By UIN Staff

In a recent exclusive interview with DETIPTV.com this week, former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson explained the difference between suspending her campaign and ending it altogether. Williamson, who is known for her advocacy for ceasefire and reparations, shared a strategy with Michigan’s voters that would give her negotiating power in the end. This interview took place as President Joe Biden met with various groups in Michigan this month to discuss the concerns regarding the war in Gaza. The Arab Community in Metro Detroit explained how they plan to vote non-committed in the Michigan Primary on February 27.

Williamson emphasized the importance of delegates in winning any election and urged voters to select her name as she is still on the ballot. In the interview on detiptv.com, an Affiliate of UIN (Urban Information Network), an independent media network, Williamson said to detiptv host, “I would use any delegates received from the Black community’s vote to negotiate with Biden and the Democrats for something tangible on Ceasefire for Gaza and Reparations.”

This approach has gained traction with some Michigan Blacks and local community groups. Williamson will address these issues at Church of the Messiah, in Detroit this Saturday and Shrine of the Black Madonna, on Sunday. Williamson is still on the ballot in many states, and this strategy could become a movement within the Black Community in Michigan and across the voting U.S. Black voters have not been asked to leverage their voting power with delegates since the Jessie Jackson’s presidential campaign 40 years ago, That effort enabled Jackson to win the Michigan primary.

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